The "MANE" Story

Growing up in South India, the land of Ayurveda and where it was born, weekends meant hot chai in the courtyard surrounded by Mom, Nanna,(grandmother), Junee(grandmother), Ammeh(aunties) and all the women of our family. We would use recipes handed down through generations to make hair growth oil that we would apply to each other’s hair while recounting the week’s stories. This tradition between mothers and daughters was an expression of love, both for one another and for the self, and is the inspiration for Mehreen Amoure’s MANE Roots Rapid Hair Growth Oil. Our Mission is Self Love - Self Care - Self Heal - Self Aware.

Before Covid-19 shook the world, I discovered I had Alopecia, and that it was caused by stress. The road to this realisation was a long one, because when I first noticed the bald spots all over my scalp, I kept it to myself, doing everything I could to hide my problem - and my tears. I told myself it was superficial to cry about such imperfections, but I couldn’t help feeling so emotionally attached to my hair! During the pandemic, although I was blessed with the birth of my third child, Noah, fear and uncertainty allowed even more stress into my life, and I suffered from postpartum Hair Loss and a lot of hormonal changes. My hair good length, but only I knew, this was causing thick locks of hair to fall out, to the point where I would stop brushing my hair for fear of losing it all. Of course, this only made things worse - I can tell you from experience that knotted hair falls out even faster! Needless to say, my search for hair growth products that actually work was fruitless.

Luckily, I’ve always been the kind of person to rise to a challenge rather than let it get the better of me. I had 2 choices, either I had to accept it or do something about it. So in 2021, 3.5 months after Noah’s birth, I decided to trade hopelessness in for action. With my maternal family roots and the Ayurvedic knowledge I had as my guides, as well as research of every natural ingredient that was used in countries across the world, I created a highly nutritious and stimulating oil that brought life back to my stressed and struggling scalp. Within 3 weeks I was overjoyed to see the first new hairs sprout and baby fuzz, and within 2 months all the bald spots I had were filled in. By the 5th month, my hair was back to its natural, healthy state, and so was my self-esteem.

By this time friends and family were asking for the secret to my revitalised hair. Knowing that so many people suffer from Alopecia and hair loss/fall and the debilitating loss of confidence that comes with it, I decided I wanted to share my discovery, even if it helps just one other person. The result is Mehreen Amoure’s MANE Roots Rapid Hair Growth Oil, named after my three sons: Mekhayel, Aaryan and Noah. What does the E stand for? Elixir of course!

At Mehreen Amoure, our motto is “Love yourself, love your roots.” We believe that a healthy body and mind begins with self-love, and can benefit from the lessons learned through our family roots. We believe the best way to feel grounded in our fast moving, challenging world is to take the time to reconnect with these roots and to be in touch with ourselves. If I - a woman in her mid 40’s, also went through hormonal changes, birth of 3 children, postpartum hair loss and alopecia( stress induced) have seen this change, We hope that, no matter your age or sex, our MANE Roots Rapid Hair Growth Oil will encourage you to turn hopelessness into action, and give yourself the time and care you deserve.

With the utmost Love And Best Wishes,